Linger- song lyrics

 Songs usually have a story, a season, a reason and a purpose behind it.. but so often we don’t ever get to experience it. We listen to the songs and are effected by them. We appreciate their lyrics and/or musical expression. As a songwriter, I feel it’s important to share the process or experience behind the songs, hopefully resulting in an even deeper relatability with the listener. So, I think from here on out, even though it may require a bit more writing ( which I definitely don’t mind), I am going to start sharing the process, with you.

The other day I was in my car, driving and listening to worship music. For me, music has always been an immdiate “channel” to help me experience the presence of God, especially when my heart is engaged. The presence of God can be so tangible and real that it literally feels like even though I’m here.. I’m not.  As if the cloak of worship has made me invisible and re- placed. Even though I may be driving down the road, or sitting at the piano or on a stage surrounded by other musicians, it’s a personal connection.. just me and Him and nothing else matters. Nothing. It’s beautiful and fulfilling and supernatural.

It’s addictive, to say the least.

The only downside is… I can’t stay there forever. I am a part of this world, of creation. And as such, the practical reality of life is what keeps me from hiding away in a cave. I used to say that I would be happy for the rest of my life if it was just me in a room, my piano and God. This may sound extreme, but when you’ve experienced and become familiar with the actual presence of God, you realise that no matter what else is there, NOTHING is as fulfilling and exciting and refreshing as hanging out with your Daddy. And I am a Daddy’s girl. So, since seclusion is not an option, normal daily activities, such as work, relationships and well, life, resume. And rightly so. However, there is always such a noteable difference when I “walk away”. I know that the presence of God doesn’t leave me just because I’ve stepped away from the piano, or stopped singing a song or am changing a diaper or teaching a lesson. Not at all, but there is a difference from when I am engaged with Him and when I am going about my daily routine.

So, back to driving down the road. I was just having an amazing time hanging out with God and I got so dissapointed because I was on my way to work. Not because I don’t like what I do, but because I knew it would change  my atmosphere… I just wanted to hang around. So I asked God..”Even though I have to get going, do you think You could just linger around me, like this, for a while?  I’m really enjoying You right now”.. and that’s how this song came about.


I sit with You and we drink deep

This is OUR time- my favorite pleasure

And though I’m not meant to hide away,

Oh how I love when Your whisper lingers

Linger- I still want You

Linger- I’m always in need of You

Settle and stay here with me – Settle and stay here with me.   Please..

*Lyrically and musically simple. Just an expression of  a heart in “want” for Him.


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