Show Me.. Lyrics

This song was inspired by a nickname my college professors gave me, oh..9 years ago? What is this nickname?


I believe they gave me this nickname for a couple reasons.

#1 I actually used to wear sparkles, artistically/creatively,mind you. I would wear them in my makeup, or nails, clothes and yes, sometimes even in my hair (not all at once, of course).I wasn’t afraid to have a little glitz! I’m still not! I love sparkly, shiny and beautiful things.

#2.I was of the bubbly, sunny personality back then. For those of you who think I STILL me..I’ve really toned it down! It just seemed to fit and to my delight, the name has stuck all these years! In fact, one of my good friends just reminded me of the endearment a few days ago. I said something that was positive focused and of a cheerful nature and he says.. ” and THAT’S why we call you SPARKLES!”

As much as I loved being reminded of the sparkly effect that I am able to have on the people in my life, the first thought that came to my mind was ” Sparkly things are only sparkly because they are REFLECTING…reflecting something BIGGER and BRIGHTER than themselves.” I MYSELF can’t sparkle if I first don’t have a source to reflect. I just want to genuinely reflect my source of happiness, my joy, the One who melts me and at the same time, stirs my fire for adventure!

ALL THE WHILE..others are watching. Questioning. Looking to see if I am genuine. Is there anything tangible to this God I say I serve? Is there anything different that would lead one to conclude that I really AM in relationship with the Creator? In our American culture, Christianity is the main religion, but I have to say, I don’t blame those who have turned away from, or even shunned Christianity because of hypocrisy,immoral leadership,manipulation and plenty of other things that any human can be faulted for. Although it would be quite unfair and unjust to label all Christians as the forementioned perpetrators, the fact remains that people will not blindly accept Jesus Christ, simply because it’s the “American way”.. nor should they. I didn’t. 

This song was written from the position of an unbeliever TO the believer..

Show Me

You say you’re living for something so much bigger – for someone that my eyes can’t see.

And you say you’ve been saved,sanctified and delivered – but I don’t know what that means.

Everyone says that their way is the only way to heaven – so why should I choose yours?

And may I ask, why you talk as if you have all of the answers, but you won’t even sit with me?

I am confused by all of the voices-I just want to know the truth

Words seem to be in overabundance – and that’s why I’m watching you.


So sparkle and shine let me see, your great Jesus. The one that you say knows my name, this great Jesus

Cuz I’m looking for something more, and I’ll keep looking for something more

If you can – please show me.



3 thoughts on “Show Me.. Lyrics

  1. WOW Lesley can not wait to hear it “live” one day… and yes dear girl you DO sparkle! you radiate Jesus sweet one..

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