The Undignified Worshipper

Excerpt from the “Unquenchable Worshipper” by Matt Redman

“I will celebrate before the Lord. I will become even more undignified that this, and I will be humiliated even in my own eyes.”(2 Samuel 6:21,22).

“What strikes me most about this is the context of David’s celebration. He wasn’t just one of the crowd at this event, he was the king. Here was a man of great stature, with a public image to protect; a man trusted with more power,authority and wealth than we could ever imagine. Yet he led the way, “losing” himself so PUBLICLY in his worship of God and so on fire with praise that it burned right through any inhibitions or pride. True worship always forgets itself.

Sometimes we may need a good reminding of how passionate God is for us. Jesus’ story of the prodigal son has to be one of the best pictures of God’s passionate heart. The father welcoming his wayward son home is powerful in itself, but the way in which he welcomes him is even more moving. The wealthy, dignified man loses all reserve, running toward his son with complete abandon. This was not the way for a man of his stature to behave; if there was any running to be done, he would always send a servant to do it. But as he races toward his son, we see a powerful picture of abandoned, extravagant love. Our heavenly Father loves us with the same great abandon. Passionate, undignified worship is our only reasonable response.

I often define good worship leaders as those who lead strongly enough so that people follow but not so strongly that they themselves become the focus. If you think about it, worship leaders who end up with a whole lot of attention aren’t actually very good at their job. It’s as simple as that. They are not achieving their ultimate goal. There’s an old hymn that talks of a place “when in our music God is glorified, and adoration leaves no room for pride.” God’s throne room allows no room for the proud. If we’re to usher others in to that place of holy beholding, we need to make sure there’s nothing in us that, deep down, that still wants to be the center of attention. He must increase, we must decrease. He must become greater, we must become less.

O God, bring us to that place- worshippers and worship leaders alike- where we are so caught up in loving You that we care very little about our own status and reputation, where we so find You in worship that we lose ourselves in Your wonder, love and praise,”


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