The Unpredictable Worshipper


Excerpt from “The Unquenchable Worshipper” by Matt Redman.

‘Jesus was at the home of a man called Simon, when suddenly a woman carrying a jar of perfume entered the room. Without any explanation, she broke off the top and unashamedly poured the whole jar of perfume over the head of Jesus. It was a crazy thing to do, and everyone there knew it. For one thing, it was an extravagant waste of money. This perfume was meant to be measured out drop by drop, not all used at once. But Jesus didn’t see it that way: He said “She has done a beautiful thing to me. (Mark 4:16)

         For Him, it was a well-timed act of devotion-unexpected, unusual and yet so meaningful to the Son of God. It was the act of a woman who had not been tamed by cynical religious attitudes. She came across those attitudes that day, but was unaffected by them. It was the worship of a woman who didn’t know the rules- an unpredictable, untamed heart on a quest to see Jesus glorified.

     As worshippers of Jesus today, we also need to cultivate this sort of unpredictability in our worship. When we come before the living God there should always be aspects of the fresh and surprising. These things are the signs of life. Worship is meant to be an encounter, an exciting meeting place where love is given and received in an unscripted manner.’

“Worship is a conversation, and not a mere review of the past. It is dynamic, unpredictable and open-ended.” Gary Furr / Milburn Price.




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