Who is Lesley?


Well, I am Lesley Shea Gustafson.  I am complicated, emotional, passionate, stubborn, somewhat messy, time oriented, crazy about Jesus Christ, finally honest with myself, sometimes an over achiever,sometimes an under achiever. Just normal, I guess. Normal in the sense that Im not perfect, I have a story, and I have a purpose. Same as you! 

I started this blog not for you,necessarily, but for me. There’s a lot going on ” up there.. in here.. and all around” that I’ve just got to express! So why a blog and not just a daily journal? #1 My hand gets tired of writing so much #2 I can’t write as fast as I type. #3 I know that my life, as well as yours, can effect, encourage, inspire and possibly evoke purposeful communication, thus resulting in newness! Newness, whether it be  in conversation, relationships, thoughts, adventures, etc.  If anyone can relate to the things I write, let’s talk about it!  You’ve got something to contribute..


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